John Pasterik

My son injured his thumb while catching 4 years ago. I searched for protective gear while he recovered and found Team Defender. I ordered the Pro Model for him and he loved it! He never puts his catcher's mitt on without it. At one point, I spoke to the owner of the company and he was very helpful, even offered a tip on how my son should have his hand in the glove to reduce injury and make it more comfortable. I recommend Team Defender to any catcher who will listen to me!


Gregory Emmerton

After my son got his first bad stinger we started trying multiple casting products and shields that you form to your thumb. He hated all of them until he tried the Team Defender Pro Series. He absolutely loves this thumb guard. And your correct, the owner of this company is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.


Jewel McDowell

This product has made a world of difference for my daughter. She hyper extended her thumb last fall and it gets painful after a weekend of games. We've been pain free for the last 3 weekends since we received this. Thank you Team Defender.


Gina Mousel

This glove let my daughter play her senior year of softball!! If we didn’t find it when we did she wouldn’t have made it the whole season. We had been doctoring since her jr year had special pieces made and nothing had worked!! The specialist and therapist all said she would have to play something else, not to catch anymore!! That is when this mom when to work searching and found this wonderful piece of equipment!!! So yes I would recommend it 110%!! We can’t thank them enough!! The Mousel’s Iowa

Kirk Jackson

Take notice that there is no rating below 5 stars. This is a MUST HAVE for catchers. My son has been struggling with catcher's thumb for over a year. He has used tape and the moldable mitt insert. Nothing worked. If you are a catcher or are developing a catcher, this is a must have to preserve thumb health. It's a worthwhile investment April Jones Team Defender Catcher's Glove my daughter loves it!!


Jerin Durham

Got one for my son in the mail today. He was so excited we tried it out right away. He loves it. ⚾ Great product.


Brian King

TD Pro Series glove has worked great for my daughter. She has tried other brands but loves the team defender gloves.


Ben Rayfield

Definitely the best product on the market for a catcher. My son loves his and I feel better about him catching faster pitchers. Keep up the great work and thanks for bringing this product out.


Jason Navrat

We ordered the pro series on Monday and received it today. My 13u son loves it already compared to other things we have tried to protect his thumb from injury.


Steve McDuffee

Great product, my son isn't a full time catcher, because he has managed to bruise up his thumb numerous times, causing him to shy away from catching duties. Since we started using the Team Defender Glove his confidence has sky rocketed and is now asking to catch more and play the field less.


Tasha Haddrill

I just got it today in the mail and I can't wait to try out soon. I put it on and I already love the way it fit and just can't wait to try out in a game or a practice. John Kelly We had purchased the proseries defender and had it shipped next day for a big tournament. The owner was awesome! Packaging was perfect. This company does it the old fashion way! My kid loves it and we are back in business with no thumb jamb! Thanks, Dennie!


Mickey DeHook

15yr old daughter will not catch without it over the last 2 years of travel ball. Pro Series is awesome. Team Defender service has been great!


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No matter how I catch the ball I don´t feel pain in my thumb!!!

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