"After being introduced to the Team Defender Gloves, they have become a necessary part of my everyday life. Being a Professional catcher, health is as valuable as anything. One of the most common injuries we encounter at any age is to the thumb. From the comfort to the durability, the glove will ensure that your time is spent on the field on and away from the training room. Only glove I trust year after year!" –Michael Marjama (Seattle Mariners) “I love the team defender glove and I wear it every game underneath my catcher’s glove. It provides the grip that I like while also adding extra protection which is key at the higher levels. I would definitely recommend!” –Joey Morgan (Tigers) “From the day that I contacted my guys over at Team Defender, it’s really helped me behind the plate. It’s a very comfortable material, as well as stylish. When I needed an adjustment made to my particular hand fitting, there was no question when I asked if something can get adjusted with the glove. No question when I’m behind the plate! Really appreciate my guys at TD for always taking care of me!” –Marcus Greene (Texas Rangers) “This is hands down the best catchers batting glove in the game. Built in thumb guard, Protection over the fingers and palm. No more achy hand after the game!!! Thank you, Team Defender, for the hook up.” –Robie Rojas (Brewers) "Team Defender is a top-notch product! From the first class service to results it's a must. They adjust to any needs or suggestions. Team Defender keeps, getting better and better!" –Michael Kashirsky (White Sox) "MUST have product for any Baseball or Softball Catcher! Great support and protection, and Team Defenders customer service is FIRST CLASS!!! Don't wait to buy this until after your Catcher breaks their thumb, like I did. Get it NOW and prevent it from happening in the first place. Remember, a serious thumb injury to a Catcher could be career ENDING!!! I would give Team Defender a 1,000,000 Star Rating if I could!!!" – Art Hernandez "Take notice that there is no rating below 5 stars. This is a MUST HAVE for catchers. My son has been struggling with catcher's thumb for over a year. He has used tape and the moldable mitt insert. Nothing worked. If you are a catcher or are developing a catcher, this is a must have to preserve thumb health. It's a worthwhile investment." – Kirk Jackson "Purchased size small for our 9yo catcher - a little long in fingers, but not so much that he wanted to cut them. I tend to shy away from specialty products for sports (one can go broke quickly) but this one worthwhile, for sure. We will be back for another as he grows! From every baseball mom everywhere, thank you!" – Cindi Moore "Great product, my son isn't a full-time catcher, because he has managed to bruise up his thumb numerous times, causing him to shy away from catching duties. Since we started using the Team Defender Glove his confidence has sky rocketed and is now asking to catch more and play the field less." – Steve McDuffee "Definitely the best product on the market for a catcher! My son loves his and I feel better about him catching faster pitchers. Keep up the great work and thanks for bringing this product out." – Ben Rayfield "AMAZING!!!! My kids hand was in so much pain from catching this is a God send!!" – Savanna Smith “This product has made a world of difference for my daughter. She hyper extended her thumb last fall and it gets painful after a weekend of games. We've been pain-free for the last 3 weekends since we received this. Thank you, Team Defender.” – Jewel McDowell “My son injured his thumb and I found and just received your Team Defender glove for baseball. It's amazing he was able to play this weekend with no pain. However, if he had it prior the injury would have never happened. Great product!” – Ron Hostetler “My 15yr old daughter will not catch without her TD over the last 2 years of travel ball. Pro Series is awesome! Team Defender service has been great!” – Mickey DeHook “Got a TD for my son in the mail today. He was so excited we tried it out right away. He loves it. Great product!” – Jerin Durham “Pro Series glove has worked great for my daughter. She has tried other brands but loves the team defender gloves.” –Brian King “This was just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for working with me!” – Ale Robinson

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