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Catchers are more physically abused than any other position in baseball.

If it isn’t foul tips or balls in the dirt that cause nagging bruises, a glove thumb injury happens all too often.


Young receivers frequently and unnecessarily backhand pitches as their thumb absorbs the entire force of the pitch which is pointed in a downward position.

Experienced catchers also can become injured too. A foul tip or an unexpected break on the pitch can really affect the catcher’s plan of receiving the ball, which is likely to produce the same unanticipated and painful injury to the thumb.


That can happen for many reasons, but it really doesn’t matter how it happened. When someone gets injured, it hurts two people on both ends of the throw.

Team Defender has created a batting style type glove that is worn on the catcher’s glove hand.


Team Defender Hand Protection For Catchers Inserted in the thumb extension is a comfortable, but rigid, piece of material that surrounds the thumb.


The design prevents hyper- extension of the thumb and protects the thumb from the force of the ball in an incorrect catch. This simple product ($34.99) can prevent your starting catcher from losing weeks of game time from this painful injury. The Team Defender glove itself is well designed. It is double stitched, padded and very soft. It’s made of tactile material and has padded reinforcements in both the index and middle fingers and in the heel of the hand as well.


Initially in our conversation with the Team Defender folks, we thought this would be a great training aid for recreational and high school players learning how to catch.

But they informed us that many professional catchers are using the product.

Catcher’s hands are valuable but yet vulnerable.




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